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David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) interview about guitar playing

Video interview with unknown date (mid to late eighties.) Guitar playing is subject. The Mudman do not own the rights to this video track nor it’s audio trac…

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bbuteo says:

i really dont think that guitar is easier to play as a piano at all, just
to give you an idea, to play a note in piano you just need to hit the key
but to play a guitar note you need to use both hands and press and take the
right sound otherwise will buzz, im just giving the most basic idea when it
comes to this subject witch one is harder to play…well definitely the
guitar, when well played of course

Alex FulldupleX says:

1 piece of shit dislikes this…

Matt Ashmore says:

David is absolutely irritated by this interviewer, I love it.

CaribSurfKing1 says:

“Cant afford a big mirror” But you can afford hundreds of Ferraris!

Spencer Jennings says:

Dave Gilmour (David) saved myself, better still it kept my dad real.
What does this mean ???
Its a very difficult question that I want to explain;
As a thinking person I want to relate to Gary Moore, I have, I will but I
think he is great, he creates a bridge between the old and the new, I
reckon you are in a non judgemental the guy who brought me and my dad
Wish you were here Gary, you made a difference, to me at least,

and to David Gilmour, you have saved me several times over, I like your
work…. Sound like a psycho, i hope not…….your music has pulled me up
through male domestic abuse, Dogs of War; i like the world of Pink Floyd,
hope this doesnt sound wrong…..

My dad is dying, he means the world to me, as do you so why? what makes
something so real, i think you are great Dave Gilmour, swing by Grove Road,
Church Crookham if you can, side door, i am losing my best friend, 23 Grove
Road. The crest of your music is “wish you were here”,

Peace and Love xx

Lajka Zambara says:

“shut the fuck up” lool did not expect that! haha

Heki Kahni says:

That is not true about bass and drums. Especially Bass, hadn’t he heard
Jaco pastorius?

CaribSurfKing1 says:

David, piano is easier than guitar and sound OK!
Lets take all your pedals away and see

Macconator2010 says:

This is what I call a ‘musician’s musician’. A musician who makes music,
for music’s sake.

Pianoman 70s style says:

What I always liked about the members of Pink Floyd is that with the
possible exception of Roger, I don’t think that they ever viewed themselves
as stars. Just as musicians that wanted to make great music.
I think that’s why David seems so befuddled by the interviewers attempt at
getting deep insights as to how he felt the first time he heard his
ancestors of rock.
He thinks, I felt just like any other human felt about it really.

Sweejit says:

Thanks for the upload!
Too bad the interviewer was a stiff cunt though, hah.

David says:

yeah this around 1980/81 as in 1984 his hair was much shorter . 

MrBuntudor says:

That’s got to be 1978 – 1979 surely. He looks 33 ish. No way is he
pushing 40 here. Unless that’s a wig. Oh, and trolls – offend away….
It will wash over me. Why not get a job and make a constructive
contribution to society – or go and play on the road. Lets be honest,
your internet access is being paid for by tax payers – (that will soon
stop) and you’ll then find yourselves in a room without doors hating each
other. Hurray!

Alex Wieczoreck says:

“Shut the fuck up!” -Gilmour


Birgit Mülders says:

take a look , fond this of david Gilmour ,from 1981 , very interesting
vid,i remenber the time in my youth i heard ,radio luxenburg ,and
rockpalst,and other rare stuff on radio, love his style of playing the
guitar until today

New Guitars For Sale says:

*David Gilmour Interview*
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guitars, techniques, and what he loves most about playing them.

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Daan Konink says:

Shut the fuck up! 0:07

John Peake says:

Lovely piece

mojo4404 says:

David: Why have you not used a talk box? I just watched the Live 8 video
and during Wish You Were Here I thought immediately of a talk box for the

moderoy says:

Only a complete poser would play guitar because it represents some
intellectual notion about rebellion. You do it because you love it! I was
as bored by these ridiculous questions as Mr. Gilmour. 

Jacob Crowell says:

wow i’ve never heard him get firm haha- “shut the fuck up”

Dwight Straehl says:

Mr. Gilmour , you give me shivers up and down my spine! When I was in
Seventh Grade Just before the wall came out I felt like I was the kid in
my room trying to play along with Wish you were here! That’s exactly what
was happening!

Starryromance says:

Pretty sure this interview was from ’81. 

Amanda tompkins says:

What is this rebellion the interviewer speaks of? Sounds a lot like
conformity to me. 

Sungodv says:

Bet this is after his first solo album in the mid 80s. Where do the time

Ray R says:

Elvis did write “some” songs…….Rod Stewart didn’t write very many
songs, but he’s still a Rock n Roll Great also…

michael allen says:

How these TERRIBLE interviewers are granted access to incredibly gifted,
often reclusive rock n’ rollers is beyond me.

This interview reminds me of a Led Zeppelin interview/interZOO where
everyone keot asking them “How does your music compare to the Beatles?” OR
“Contrast your sound to that of the Beatles.” Plant & Page were pissed. And
Gilmour seems like he’s on the edge here.

Erick Ponce says:

“Shut the fuck up” Lmmfao

TheAwesomerPrime says:

He sounds American when he says “Shut the fuck up.”

Jean Madelaine says:

And there is a portrait of Keith Richards on the back from Tattoo You that
was released in 81, so this vidéo has been done after that. 81-83.

Michael Brooks says:

The members of Pink Floyd are each the “First Chair” in their respective
musical instrument of a truly great orchestra. 

INDLIS says:

The Wall was still better than Final Cut (Which should’ve been leftovers
that didn’t make the actual recording of the Wall).

Anthony Townsend says:

Paul Kossoff is David Gilmour’s biggest influence, weather he knows it or

Ivo Wilson says:

“The most complete instrument”
*Looks at an organ*
“my god!”

Cyrus Shokoohideh says:

Lol, David’s accent broke when he said “Shut the fuck up”.

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