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David Gilmour – Best Guitar Solos Part 1

A tribute to the best guitar player of all time. Atom Heart Mother Echoes – Part 1- Live at Pompeii Time Money Enjoy! ;) Part 2…

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Gaivota41 says:

Yes, the best of all times

lucifersame says:

@Hosssman atom heart mother

Bengtusen says:

I am agree

Osman ERDOĞAN says:

@lucifersame Thanks

Gildas Gros says:

they kick ass both

Sumerio Orpheus says:

the best !!! ever

Ronny Fallas says:

David Fricke and his Rolling Stone picks is a joke, Gilmour ranked #82….

Osman ERDOĞAN says:

Which song is the first song (intro)?

ironland75 says:

The best is Jimi Hendrix, sorry….

Mathew Tutt says:

@brhalb indeed i have my floydian friend!!!!! he lives a 10 minute drive
from my house!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Mathew Tutt says:

i have met this LEGEND! he is my hero and idol from the age of six years
old.check my profile to see the pic.

gingilla08 says:

Gilmour is a God of the guitar ! Gilmour is the biggest myth of all time!!!

Merrill Elliott says:

Insane & AWESOME

Maurício Oliveira says:

@mattaystig I already said in other post, you’re the luckiest in the

Osman ERDOĞAN says:

Awesome thanks!

Bruno Albuquerque says:

@mattaystig u have met the man!

stoioo says:

Gilmour is undead!Pink Floyd 4life

Edwin Mena says:

atom heart mother – funky dung.

Bruno Albuquerque says:

Atom Heart Mother Suite! =)

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