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Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing Guitar (The Complete Idiot’s Guide)


Learn to play the guitar using this quick and easy guide. Whether you dream of playing classical guitar, a B.B. King lick, or just the opening bars to “Stairway to Heaven,” this book can get you there. This easy-to-use guide introduces the beginning guitarist to all styles of playing, from classical to jazz and pop. Using basic exercises and a selection of popular tunes, it shows how to do everything from reading tablature and chord diagrams to performing simple accompaniment. This book is designed for the child or adult beginner who wants a “user-friendly” introduction to the most popular musical instrument. It contains numerous sidebars and illustrations, making learning the guitar fun and easy. Z Features exercises in all styles from classical to rock and jazz Z Includes checklists of popular books, videos and instrument dealers, and tips on purchasing and maintaining your instrument. Frederick Noad is an expert guitar teacher and author of dozens of guitar methods, including The Virtual Guitarist, Solo Guitar Playing and Playing the Guitar, all from Schirmer Books. He is the inventor of Speed Score, the computer notation software and is universally known as a master teacher of the instument.

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William Hoffknecht says:

Complete Idiot’s Guide as a fine Teaching Literature Although this book is clearly intended for self-help I was interested to read it for possible use with my students. I am familiar with Noad’s books, having used his SOLO GUITAR PLAYING with great success for a number of years; but I was curious to see what this latest book might have to offer that was new or different. A glance through immediately revealed two major differences from his SOLO book. First, the scope is much wider, with the inclusion of popular styles such as Blues and…

Anonymous says:

Fredrick Noad’s Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing the Guitar I have had a fantasy about playing the guitar since childhood, but only recently as an adult took the plunge. I wanted to do more than simple “picking and grinning” so I rejected quite a few beginners’ books before I came across Frederick Noad’s Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing the Guitar. From the title I was not expecting much depth but found myself drawn in by the clear explanations and step-by-step approach. I particularly enjoyed the Spanish pieces and am currently working…

Anonymous says:

Okay… So I tutor music theory and fundamentals, and I like to use these “Idiot’s Guides” for my students. The books generally give a good overview of history, practice, basic knowledge, and some harder stuff.This one those is one of the weaker of the guides that I have tried out. The practices are limited and really try to force you into a mold of playing style, instead of fundamentals and technique that other books will give you.There is a good amount of knowledge contained…

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