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Collings 290 DC Electric Guitars in Jet Black & TV Yellow

The Collings 290 DC electric guitars have a vintage-inspired tone and aesthetic, featuring a double-cutaway mahogany body and dual hand-wound P90 pickups fro…

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Tom Seiple says:

Andrew’s sense of humor is gold. So are these guitars.

wizaxed says:

Andrew, nice to see a video of you again. It’s been a while since we have
been able to enjoy your comedic wit and excellent guitar skillz. Great

Yraay Zonie says:

Nice work Andrew…Smooth player! Love the Zep!

zachary petersen says:

Rockin the Ariana grande I see lol

Charlie Josch says:

Haha I have the exact same shirt as him.

cct17 says:

The mic seems a bit close to the amp. Giving the sound a little more room
to breath will probably make the audio sound better.

chicagomusicexchange says:
Lars Sigmundstad says:

Best review on youtube! Great job “not joel”

Ron Mishra says:

232nd viewer. #under301club.

Samba Mirage says:

I’ll never be Joel! Good stuff Andrew. ;-) 

mattchurchill says:

Haha! Awesome.

Daniel Sanchez-Cabrera says:

Don’t You Know By Now was a joy a listen to play, inspiring guitar-work
Andrew! Great demo as well!


Great to hear someone really play an instrument to in a demo forma change
and not just bash some chords and widdle away. Thanks :)

ZeppandSongs says:

completely wrong way to play The Lemon Song

TheTritoneTerror says:

I honestly LOL’d pretty heartily on the “I dunno, I’ll have to Ask Jeeves
on this one” line. Nice ad.

ThaoAustin says:

the headstock is like his hair AHAHAH xD

Jesse Maes says:

“Your children will get them, unless you sell your children to buy this

MatthewMyersHere says:

I want this guy’s jacket.

Phillip Harris says:

Oh Andrew and Ryan, ya chuckleheads! Laughs every.single. time. Excellent
job y’all!

Mac Koslowski says:

And once you die, your children will get them c:

Henry Soults says:

Man am i jealous of people that can finger-pick. Especially when they play
as nice as that.

CrazyJoe says:


Sean Keady says:

Andrew’s haircut matches the headstock

LedWolf7 says:

Merchandise Plug XD

The Raddish Patch says:

$2,745…for a guitar….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Brendan Talmadge says:

Nice guitars i wish i had those

xXnickelfishXx says:

1:14 Shamless self plug

FreeLand says:

why are y’all so funny?

theOriginalNani says:

The song he’s playing is sounding super familiar!

Michael L. says:

Pricey, but nice.

Caner Mutu says:

Sounds great. 

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