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Clayton Picks Pin-Ups SHPU/12 Guitar Picks


These colorful picks on our durable Acetal material are sure to impress. Each beautifully designed pick features pin-up artwork by artist Susan Heidi. Grab a pack of these sassy pin-up girls and they will definitely add a unique flair to your music.

Product Features

  • Produces warm clean overtones
  • Matte surface prevents slippage
  • Specially created to give enough so that strings won’t bust

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David Leikam "zBug" says:

Great Clayton Picks but Not As Pictured Above! I just received the dozen of Clayton Picks Pin-Ups SHPU/12 Guitar picks and thought Clayton would have some quality image control for their “Graphic Series” picks but the images pictured above are NOT what you get but a muddy color balance that looks like a poorly done screening/knock-off. Yes, I’m a professional graphic designer too and I love Clayton picks on my bass-cello (Ibanez SR 1300PD electric bass body, strung with electric cello strings and tuned C2 G2 D3 G3) but these are a rip-off…

Basil says:

Image Not Representative of Actual Product 0

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