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Classical Guitar 3/4 Size 36 inch Kids Guitar Acoustic Guitar for Beginners 6 Nylon Strings Guitar Starter Kits with Waterproof Bag Guitar Clip Tuner Strap Picks Wipe (36inch#02)


The J&Z classical guitars 36 inch 3/4 size are made for beginners and at this price they are an ideal second guitar to take to festivals and on holiday. The overall quality of this package is high. It is a fantastic adult starter guitar or ideal for a child moving to a full sized classical guitar or acoustic guitar.

This guitar kits contains everything you need to start playing classical guitar. A guitar tuner which is very easy to use and helps keep the guitar perfectly tuned. A gig bag which has backpack straps to make carrying the guitar to school or lessons easy. A guitar strap with leather end can help you hold the guitar well. 

The guitar has a hard maple fretboard and bridge. This helps to produce a better sound and feel to the guitar. It also has a solid basswood top, side and back. Basswood is the most widely used wood for a guitar to be made from.

The guitar has a dreadnought body and 6 nylon strings. Nylon strings are more soft, which are easier on the fingers of the beginners or younger players.

The guitar has a lovely sunset highgloss finish with pretty rosette design around the soundhole.

Guitar Specifications:

Size: 36 inch 3/4 size kid guitar

Color: Sunset

Strings: Six Nylon Strings

Finish: Gloss

Top: Basswood

Back & Sides: Basswood

Number of Frets: 18

Neck Material: Maple

Guita Package Includes:

Classical guitar 3/4 size

Guitar bag

Guitar tuner

Guitar strap

Guitar wipe

Guitar picks

Product Features

  • Guitar for Beginners: This guitar starter kit includes one waterproof guitar bag, one nylon strap with the leather end, one guitar tuner with the battery, one guitar wipe and two guitar picks. This guitar kit is perfect for a beginner who is just breaking into the guitar world.
  • Six Nylon Strings Guitar: This classical guitar is fitted with 6 nylon strings. Compared with the steel strings, nylon strings are more soft, which are easier on the fingers of the beginners or younger players.
  • Guitar Material: This classical guitar is featured with solid basswood for the top, back and side. Hard maple for the neck, head and fretboard. All guitars are are well made and feature a well constructed dreadnought body.
  • Guitar Craftsmanship: All classical guitars are hand made by experienced workers. A high level of craftsmanship and outstanding quality of the guitar details.
  • Guitar Warranty: As a professional music instruments manufacturer & dealer, we provide one year’s warranty for all the classical acoustic guitars in the store.

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Anonymous says:

Great guitar – Very happy with my purchase! This is a fantastic guitar. I’m an intermediate player, and am returning to my classical guitar roots. I have a steel-string acoustic – which isn’t ideal for playing classical guitar – so I needed to outfit myself with a good instrument. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and I researched lots of different classical guitars in the $100/less price range. Reason being, I know both of my young daughters will want to play this guitar as well, and should I ever upgrade to a full-on $500+…

Anonymous says:

good for a beginner My boy is taking guitar lessons. I had spend a long time looking through many classical guitar options and finally got this one for him a beginner. Fortunately, it’s a quality and affordable guitar meeting my expectations. It suits him in his hand and how he plays. And the sound is good. It stays in tune rather well too. Choosing a classical guitar depends a lot on the budget. In my case, I won’t spend too much to get a Yamaha or Cordova for my kiddo as an entry gear. Hope he can keep learning…

Anonymous says:

classical guitar

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