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Best Of Dethklok’s Guitar Solos

I do not own any of these songs. Dethklok & Metalocalypse is owned by [adult swim] & Brendon Small.

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Andrew C says:

This made me orgasm.

Marxist-Leninist Maoist says:

whats the song at 1:25 

Mistuh Pumpkin says:

Skwisgaar is ams a god.

Даниил Игнатев says:

10 – Murdertrain is Comin’

Enrique Barajas says:

Duncan Hill Coffe
The Gears
Bannana Stikers
Murmaider 1
Blood Ocean
Awaken (mustakashik)
Burn The Earth
Murmaider 2
Comet Song
Crush My Battle Opponent’s Balls

jinxiejae says:

i think you forgot the duncan hills jingle.

Kiel Eklof says:

What was the third one?!

Enrique Barajas says:

Comet Song Is The Best!!

Kiel Eklof says:

Ope its hatredy

Oogidieboogidie000 says:

There really shouldn’t be a “Best of Dethklok’s Guitar Solos” video
anywhere because They’re ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!

Cody O says:

@WumpaWumpaCrash THANK YOU (:

uc1hamadara13 says:

burn the earth solo should of been third

UncleHappyHands says:

God he’s such an underrated guitarist!

DeekyDicawdo says:

you used the messed up version of Mermaider solo

Fernando Feques says:

I’m Fine… just… Getting High

blackdragonroxy says:

And now remake it with every solo in seasons 3 and 4.

tehbrave1 says:

Is that the demo for Murdertrain? The version on the album is a lot longer
and faster and brutaler. Evither way, you saved my favorite song for last,
so it doesn’t matter. :DD Well… second favorite. Dethharmonic is my first
but it has no solo. )):

wickedtabplayer says:

Everything on Hatredcopter is insane..

FunnyNamed says:


mhfugamer3 says:

strife is absolutely not brutal

DarkDesires777 says:

WTF?! i downloaded full discography and there was no klokateer killing
everyone in the house o_o

Jtbraves24 says:

Excellent. Thanks man.

megacyber7 says:

that episode aired in october 2010. this video was uploaded august 2010. so
unless this guy is a time traveler…

whiteboy708 says:

The drums on Hatredcopter are insane

chicks123 says:

Damn it’s been years since I’ve heard the blood ocean solo.

TheUberguitar123 says:


Denis Segovia says:

please what is the song at 2:25. thanks


Sick video!

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