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Best Guitar Picks (HUGE 100 VALUE PACK) Unique Designs in Assorted Colors & Celluloid Finish- 3 Different Sizes Light/Thin, Medium, & Heavy/Thick – Awesome for Acoustic, Bass, or Electric Guitars



Product Features

  • 100 PICKS IN VARIETY OF DESIGNS & COLORS – Compare & Save! 100 Individual Guitar Picks in an Assortment of Colors & Designs. Small Box Compact acts as a Perfect Guitar Pick Holder.
  • 3 DIFFERENT GAUGES – 50 Medium Sized (0.71mm), 25 Light/Thin (0.46mm), and 25 Thick/Heavy (0.96mm). Each Pick is labeled with it’s Size/Thickness!
  • CLASSIC GUITAR PICK SHAPE – Fits in the Finger Perfectly. Wide Body with a Dense Round Tip. Provides a Wonderful Classic Tone
  • SMOOTH CELLULOID FINISH – By Far the Most Popular Finish of any Guitar Pick. Known for It’s Flexibility and Durability!
  • MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you’re ever unsatisfied with Our Guitar Picks the Manufacturer will offer a Full Refund! No Questions Asked!

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Jill24295 says:

Enough Picks To Suit The Entire Band’s Style and Taste So, first off, let me explain my 4 star rating. This 100 pack of guitar picks was supposed to contain 3 sizes/thicknesses of picks. For whatever reason, my pack of 100 only contained 2 sizes – .46mm and .71mm. I went through the entire box twice – one by one to makes sure, but both times I only came up with picks of these two sizes. So unfortunately, I had to knock off a star since the product did not come as described.However, as far as the picks , themselves, I found them to be a…

Anonymous says:

Guitar picks are like cigarettes. No, you can’t smoke them and fortunately they do not cause cancer, but if you have some, everybody wants to “borrow” one! Any guitar player knows what I’m talking about. You show up to a jam session and your buddy says: “Oh man, I forgot my pick! You got any extras?”–am I right or wrong? So instead of buying picks a la carte like the old days, I guess we now live in an age in which you can buy the entire box!! If you think about it, in the…

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