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Ben’s Best Beginner Guitar Lessons! How to do string bends like a champ!

Let’s get you bending strings like a winner! This should give you all the info you need to quit sounding like some kind of chump at guitar center and start sounding like a real Shredi Knight!…

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CutePinkFuzzyThings says:

Right?! I figured out the bend mute watching a Steve Vai interview; I
thought “Why is he holding his hand like that?….Ohhhhhhh!” Thanks for
confirming that NOBODY tells you this. Have you done the bend vibrato video
yet? You should also go over fretting another string at the top of the
bend; I feel like I’m definitely missing something there. Thanks again for
all the videos, man!

Calebe Priester says:

Please!!! Can you give me some kind of tip in how learn my favorites tones
by ear? Just like the way you did with the Ghost songs. Because I am pretty
sure you learned those song by ear.

Galaxycrasher stargirl says:

Hi Ben, thanks a lot for this lesson, very helpful :) However, I find that
when I try muting my G string with my index finger, I don’t have enough
strength in my other fingers to push the string up this its full pitch. Do
you have any tips on how to correct this? It may be the position my fingers
are in, but I think they’re okay. Thankyou in advance x

Anglo Spanish Racing says:

Brilliant, hopefully my bends are going to suck a bit less after some
I have never heard a proper explanation of how to do the rakebend thing
before either.

Miikka Sohlman says:

Thanks for referring me to this video. That index-finger muting tip is

Cao Duong says:

Thanks for the video. I still have problem when I have to bend using the
index-finger, when there is no support finger, Any good tip for that?

Dr4gonco says:

Thanks for the clear explanation for bending… Finally I get that clear
bend sound without messing other strings. I would love any theory close up
with your series Why you suck at guitar especially rhythm I really get
problems keeping rhythm some times I get slower or faster or strumming
patterns . etc thanks for helping me to suck less at guitar lol finally my
family doesnt bother when I play with my amp on (they always make me use
headphones) haha Maybe Im improving lol Keep the good work with the

AmitErezTube says:

Hey Ben! a question: one of my students has a problem I was hoping you will
refer to here – when he bends he gets the string going UNDER the string
above, and I honestly admit I fail at making him avoid/solve this. Any
suggestions? I’m sure you’re familiar with this scenario..

Shane Meehan says:

Awesome video and excellent teacher.

Ben Eller says:
Georgy Alekseev says:

“That’s what I’ve been missing!” straight to the point! Btw I was replacing
that trick with palm muting, that is also pretty easy in my opinion.
Ben, it was another amazing lesson, I think you are just the best on
youtube here. Moreover, it is actually equals to receiving the lessons from
Whitechapel guitarist, that is simply mind-blowing. Really waiting for your
vibrato lesson, I need huge improvements in it. Thank you for what you do! 

BraveT0ast3r says:

Can you make some lessons on some metal style soloing techniques I.E.

Fernde09 says:

For all android users, DaTuner is an EXCELLENT free tuner, super easy to

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