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Beginner’s Guitar Lessons: The Essential Guide (With Audio)


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Written by a professional, full time guitar teacher, 15 Essential Guitar Lessons for Beginners, teaches you to play the right way from the first time you pick up the instrument.

“The most common scenario I come across as a guitar teacher is the adult who is self-taught with bad habits: Things that should be sorted out on day one and have been left unchecked for years have developed into brick walls stopping any progress.

These fundamental problems need to be sorted out before the student can improve and sadly it takes a long time to un-learn and re-train an ingrained habit.

I wrote this book to try to help people get things right from the start”.

- Joseph Alexander

This isn’t a theory book; It’s not all about posture or technique. It’s about getting the simple, essential things right, whilst quickly building the important skills you need to play the guitar.

The in depth chapters cover:

The Important Things You Should Know

First Chords and Changes

Holding the Plectrum (Pick)

More Common Chord Changes

Strumming Part One

Changing Chords Whilst Strumming

New Chord Progressions to Practice

More Interesting Rhythms

Splitting the Chord

Descending Bass Lines

Fragments of Songs

Reading Guitar Tablature

Finger Picking Patterns

Further Study

Dictionary of Useful Chords

It’s all about playing and learning music whilst keeping in mind the foundational techniques that will allow you to continue to grow as a guitarist, long into the future.

As a bonus, there is a comprehensive Chord Dictionary to help you with the first chords you will come across as a beginner

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Daemon says:

So You Want To Learn Guitar? Beginner’s Guitar Lessons by Joseph Alexander Sets You on the Path and Gets You Moving You’ve looked at this book, and you’re reading this review because you want to start learning the guitar, or you’ve already put your hand to it but You Tube isn’t giving you the info’ you need in a way that flows into a sensible learning progression; yes?Me too.You’ve been reading the Amazon reviews of book after book with things like ‘Beginners Guide’ or ‘10 Easy Steps’ in the title, and so many of them have…

Robert A. Reibold says:

Makes a difference in my practice I’ve being playing for about a year now. My schedule makes it difficult to do the required routine. This book has helped to fill in those things I’ve missed or didn’t get the first time. And the audio is great because sometimes I’m left wondering just exactly what sounds I should be making precisely. I am finally getting to the point in my practice that I enjoy it more and actually look forward to it. The other night we had a party; I played and sang silly songs with others at our own “…

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