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B.C. Rich NJRWGQCSBP Retro Warlock Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Cherry Sunburst Pearl


The B.C. Rich N.J. Series – The most sought after collections in B.C. Rich’s long and illustrious history. Now you can make like its 1983 all over again with the B.C. Rich NJ Retro Warlock. Faithfully recreated from the original specs done when it was first introduced in the early 80s, this NJ Retro Warlock takes its cues – from its neck-through construction, maple neck with mahogany wings, rosewood fretboard, classic diamond inlays, and BCR1983 Classic Reissue pickups in both the neck and bridge to give you that tone that you’ve always remembered but could never achieve with other guitars. All of this plus the Classic Quad bridge keeps this NJ Retro.

Product Features

  • Construction Neck-Through-Body
  • Maple Neck/Mahogany Wings
  • Rosewood Fretboard
  • Bridge Type Classic Quad

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