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B.C. RICH Mk3B-MB4-QMP Mk3 Mockingbird Electric Bass Guitar, Quilted Maple


Don’t just hold down the low end, be seen doing it with a Mockingbird Mk3B bass! Fully active electronics fed by a pair of split Neck and Bridge pickups offer a wide variety of tones to suit any musical style, from mild to wild. Electronics feature a Master Volume, Blend Volume, Treble/Hi-Mid, and Bass/Low-Mid controls, with a custom voiced, B.C. Rich proprietary 9V active preamp. Solid Mahogany bodies with beautiful, genuine Quilted Sapele or Maple top for a classic contrasting look.

Product Features

  • Custom voiced B.C. Rich active preamp
  • Split neck and bridge pickups
  • Matching figured headstock
  • Concave diamond inlays
  • Equipped with Ernie Ball Slinky’s and inspected in Orange, CA

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sue s says:

Oh how the might have fallen I expected more from an establishes name like BC Rich, but this a hunk of junk from China. It’s got cheap, low quality parts and hardware and sounds and feels like you would expect with a combination like that. It could be argued that a company can’t put out a quality instrument at that price point but there are some out there that are doing it well. It’s kinda sad and illustrates how quality control at BCR has fallen to pathetic levels. Avoid this pos, do some homework and you’ll find…

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