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Auihiay 46 PCS Guitar Strings Changing Kit Guitar Tool Kit Including Guitar Strings Guitar Tuner Picks Capo Pins Guitar String Cutter and Winder for Beginner


Auihiay acoustic guitar tools kit can remover your worry about replacing strings!

It’s a basic tool kit to set up and adjust acoustic guitars, especially for pro guitar players, hobby guitarists or beginners, it is just starting their first guitar lesson.


Each package come with 12pcs 0.96mm thick durable guitar picks, they are random color but bright.
There are 12pcs guitar pins (6pcs white, 6pcs black), made of ABS, fit snugly and securely.

Package Included:

18 x Guitar strings (3 sets, 6pcs/each set)
12 x Guitar Picks (random color)
12 x Guitar Pins (6 white, 6 black)
1 x Guitar Capo
1 x Guitar Tuner(with instructions)
1 x Guitar String Cutter
1 x Guitar String Winder

Product Features

  • Powerful Package – Package include 3 sets of guitar strings(6pcs/each set,18pcs total), 12pcs guitar picks, 12pcs guitar pins, 1pcs guitar capo and 1pcs guitar string winder, 1pcs cutter and 1pcs guitar tuner, very nice tool kit, suitable for most guitar beginners
  • Smooth and Balanced Strings -Made of steel with unique rustproof coating, durable and practical. 1 set is multicoloured, 1 set is red, another is gold; Each set including 6 strings. Diameter: E-1st .011inch/0.27mm; B-2nd .014inch/0.35mm; G-3rd .025inch/0.64mm; D-4th .033inch/0.84mm; A-5th .041inch/1.03mm; E-6th .049inch/1.25mm
  • High Quality Tuner – High sensitive vibration, bright large LED display, easy to read. Install and choose the guitar mode, play the guitar strings, tighten the strings pointer to the left, loosen the strings while the pointer is to the right, adjust repeatedly until the pointer is centered, the LED display changes from blue to green
  • Guitar Capo – A common and necessary tool is applied in acoustic guitars singing, easily re-position with one hand to change between frets; Silicone pad will protect instrument against any scratches or damage, suitable for most guitars
  • Convenient and Practical – String winder and cutter can better help beginner change guitar strings. String winders help tighten strings and get pins out. Cutter cut off excess strings

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Everything As Promised, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE & a Great Starter Kit

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