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Asian Girls Playing Guitar, Singing “Try” by Pink – Cover

Asian Girls Playing Guitar, Singing Try by Pink – Cover The two girls are Janice and Sonia. In 2008 the duo discovered the world of YouTube. Fascinated by th…

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Tiffany Le says:

Song: Try
By: Pink
I just really love their sing

Tammy Hastings says:

Awesome cover!

Sol Perns says:

i love you …

Rachel Cheng says:


Leeah Baee says:

Asians are pretty but not all

Alex Nunez says:

Amazing! I love them!

jadejustice says:


Vincent .Valentine says:

Cool XD♥

DilailaHP says:

that feeling when you suddenly “freeze” when you hear a good song.

Whisper says:

Nice looking ladies.

giselerabena says:

Those girls are good

Brandon Tate says:

this is AMAZING!!! great job girls!!!!

Daniel Catelli says:

i don’t know how you only have 13 subs! well 14 now ;) you both have
beautiful voices! great job. mind checking out some of my covers if you get
a chance?

Reonna Anderson says:

Love them.

PersePhonique says:

Wow,they’re amazing

swagdaddy3hunna says:

Quality entertainment! Thanks

Emma dutrou says:

accord please?:). amazing!!

Diana Sanchez-Smith says:


elyon brown says:

i wish you would go on australia’s x factor, if you were i would watch and
cheer for you guys everyday! XD

Aysia Buie says:

beautiful eyes

tenzin yonten says:

ah love u girls..hoping forward to watch ur new cover songs

Gabriela Garbos says:

Better than orginal ! ♥

cheohiphop says:

Un duo genial..¡¡ como acomodan las voces y como suenan esta muy bien.¡ :D
Salu2 desde Argentina

Bianca Leidl says:

awesome !!!! :D (Y)

coreynichols5able says:

Amazing yall sounds great together don’t change anything …

Faith Perkins says:

they sound beyond amazing!! :)

Ngoc Ha Vu says:

i love u very much! <3

Tonya Robinson says:

I absoluty love you two girls. I hope somebody gets Yall a record deal.

shanepal3 says:

hahaha damn you guys this is nothing. if you want the real shit this site
has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything
get a load of this:

Noy Hardt says:

Love your cover!! Your voices sound perfect together :)

Josué Abrahim Calabria says:

that was a terrific performance

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