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Andy Guitar Lessons Blog Update #1

Here’s a quick blog update about additions to the beginners course and keeping you guys informed. I’ve just filmed and am currently editing the first videos …

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Andy Crowley says:

Here’s a quick blog update about additions to the beginners course and the
new videos I’m filming- new lessons from tomorrow

George Munford, Sr. says:

Happy belated Birthday. The new lesson plan looks great. Keep up the great

Simon Huijben says:

Can’t wait. Maybe some ukulele lessons in the future? 

Steve Greenblatt says:

Excellent! The videos are GREAT … and I love learning the songs … but
the written material will be a huge help. I’m a BEGINNER and I need to
keep reviewing the lesson and having something I can print and take with me
will be great.

Monica Garrison says:

What exciting news!. Just picked up the guitar this summer will look
forward to this new content. Happy belated birthday greetings and love the
ukulele. Made one with my daughter over the summer.

123xconnieb says:

Thanks for all the lessons you’ve done so far. Looking forward to the new
ones! Happy Birthday and enjoy your ukulele!

Bob Marsh says:

Sounds good to me and I’m always interested in learning new things for the

Nice Blog BTW. George Harrison was particularly fond of the Ukulele.

Best Wishes on your Birthday. 

Tayloe Clements says:

Can you do BABY GIRL by Sugerland!!! PLEASEEE :) LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!

Sally Virginia says:

Happy birthday handsome! Can’t wait for the new written material!!! 

Ydah Kim says:

belated happy bday mr.andy god bless

Sindayah says:

yeeey written material, great idea!

DenaOnline says:

Happy late Birthday! 

Greywolf3 says:

Happy birthday!

Ana Maria says:

Really can’t wait!

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