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Anatomy of Guitar Playing: Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better (Anatomy of Drumming Book 2)


Guitarists are athletes. Playing the guitar requires the skilled use of your entire body. Unfortunately, most books on playing guitar focus exclusively on what notes to play, and give little or no attention to how they should be made. This leaves guitarists with a problem. Misunderstanding the mechanics of movement leads to frustration, because it makes learning new techniques harder, limits your abilities when techniques don’t work like they should, and causes injury when unhealthy technique wears down your body.
The solution is simple: Anatomy of Guitar Playing is your guide to moving well, learning faster and avoiding injury. When you understand the mechanics of moving, you will know for yourself how techniques work. Anatomy of Guitar Playing is both a description of how the body works, as well as a prescription for how to move better, taking you through what you need to know about the body in order to use it more effectively. It covers the anatomy and physics of fretting and picking, how to set up and adjust the guitar to your body and many other important topics. Through learning about the proper use of the body at the guitar, you will be able to learn faster, play with better facility and reduce injury.

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Ann-Marie says:

Not at all what I was expecting. Its mostly …

Patricia says:

great book!

Sheri LaFlamme says:

A must-have guide for guitarists at all levels.

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