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Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition

You may know Alex Skolnick as Metal shredder from Testament or you may know him as Jazz guitarist from his own Alex Skolnick Trio, you may just know him as that guy who plays with Rodrigo y Gabriela sometimes. To me he is a guitar legend that I’ve been following ever since I saw the video for Testament’s ‘Trial By Fire’ on TV as a young teenager and being blown away.

Alex Skolnick has years of musical experience and experiences to draw on for his compositions and his latest venture is a world music project called the Planetary Coalition. His mission is:

… to tie together the virtuosity of jazz, the power of metal and the passion of the musical styles of Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, African, Latin and other indegenous lands. Through the universal language of music, Planetary Coalition intends to bridge the gap between different cultures, increase ecological awareness and explore the threads that connect musical expression with regional identity.

Alex is using Artist Share as a platform to generate funds to complete the project so if you would like to get involved please check out the campaign page here for a list of perks.

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