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Advanced Reading Studies for Guitar: Guitar Technique (Advanced Reading: Guitar)


(Guitar Solo). This Berklee Workshop is designed for serious guitarists who want to sharpen their high register reading skills and take their playing expertise to the next level. It introduces studies in all keys, using positions 8 through 12 and all major, minor and symmetric scales. Individual studies consist of scale passages, arpeggios, intervals and notated chord sequences in various time signatures.

Product Features

  • 112 Pages
  • Author: William Leavitt
  • Publisher: Berklee Press Publications
  • Softcover

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A Customer says:

A must for the guitarist who wants to do things right!

Anonymous says:

If you are a guitarist who wants to build the fundamentals and knows how to read music (which you should know if you want to do things right), then this book is for you. On the other hand, if you are Joe Metalhead who wants to impress your friends with power chords, go somewhere else and quit reading the rest of this.I have played guitar for 20 years. I took some private lessons years ago, which helped me to build the proper foundation. I also know how to read music. I hit the wall…

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