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Marty Schwartz Brings you Free Online Guitar Lessons How to Play Guitar Acoustic & Electric

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Spencer Russ says:

Ty Marty, I will soon be buying my guitar and was looking for one teacher,
instead of bouncing around to other videos. It seems this will work good.
Thanks again.

Thatfighter101 says:

That slo mo part was hilarious…. Well maybe it’s just cause I’m stoned

thesyndicate2009 says:

thanks for the videos Marty! Very informative for us beginners.

Chandrakant Pandey says:

thanks a lot Marty!!

Richard Bloom says:

P.s I’m not called Richard, that’s my dad’s name!

Richard Bloom says:

Hi! Thanks for this lesson! Today I sat down and got my guitar out and
watched your video and was playing within 5 minutes. I’m 10 yrs old and
when I was younger I tried Kingston music service and I just couldn’t do it
and hated practicing! Thanks again and I’m going to keep watching your
videos until I can play!

Marty Schwartz says:

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