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Aalberg Audio announces remote controlled effect pedal ‘EKKO’


Now here is an interesting product from Norwegian company Alberg Audio that it is about to become available for pre-order via an Indiegogo campaign. 4 years in the making, Alberg Audio have designed, refined and produced a delay pedal called the EKKO and a wireless controller called the AERO that attaches to your guitar or strap. Now other companies have created wireless controllers but they tend to work by changing parameters in a bit of a haphazard way like using a Korg Chaos pad, with the AERO controller you can quickly and easily switch between the 3 controls on the pedal and then use the rotary control knob to adjust the level, feedback and delay time. You can even tap the knob as a tap tempo control and presets.


Aalberg Audio says the EKKO EK-1 delay pedal is also just a first step and that it intends to build a full suite of AERO AE-1 compatible effects pedals in the future. I wonder how that will work? Will you be able to switch effects easily from the AERO controller? Pretty interesting.

The AERO is available to order from August 27 direct from the Indiegogo campaign website for (estimated) March 2015 delivery for $249 to the first 100 ‘earliest-birds’ and $299 to the next 150 ‘early birds’. A further 1000 units will then be made available for May 2015 delivery (estimated) for $299 along with 10x 5-pack ‘reseller’ bundles comprising 5x EKKO+AEROs for $1,250 each.

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