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38″ Student Acoustic PURPLE Guitar Starter Package, Guitar, Gig Bag, Strap, & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Guitar Pick (LPL-AG38)


Everything you need to start jamming out at an amazing low price! Learn how to play acoustic guitar and start jamming like a pro in no time. This 38 inch guitar with starter pack is perfect for all beginners!

Product Features

  • Please email us for the eBook
  • Starter pack includes: Gig Bag, Extra Strings
  • Pick, Strap
  • Tuner & Pickguard

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jbeganics says:

Was leary that it would be cheap…Very Impressive!!! Purchased this for my daughter who is only 5. I was leary that it would be cheap but once I opened the box (was not impressed with the packaging) I was super surprised and almost a little leary that it might be too nice for a starter for a 5 year old.Negative* Packaging- the cardboard triangle box that it shipped in was poorly taped and pretty much open when I received it.Little paint issues down the bridge but for the price who cares!The description on the…

Toshia says:

Nice Guitar 0

Debbie Bradbury says:

Extremely happy with product 0

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