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32″ Inch 1/2 Half Size RED Kids Acoustic Toy Guitar & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Guitar Pick


Made exclusively for the little rock stars in your life, this 1/2 size acoustic guitar will allow your child to pretend to play an acoustic guitar while making them feel like they are playing the real thing. Measuring at only 32″, this guitar will fit comfortably in their arms. Constructed of linden wood top and basswood back & side, this guitar may be a pretend-to-play instrument, but it sure does give a look and feel of an actual guitar.

Product Features

  • Linden Wood Top
  • Basswood Back & Sides
  • Catalpa Neck & Fingerboard
  • Plastic Pickguard

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Arizona Phoenix says:

2 year follow up product review. Conclusion: Great item, perfect for kids between 4-8 I have had this item for more than 2 years now. I paid about $33 for it. The sound quality is not great, not at all, but for small kids who are experimenting, this really is perfect. It’s the right size for kids between 4 and 8, maybe even 10. You can adjust/tune the strings. It’s super lightweight and about 60% the size of a real full-sized guitar.This one has held up to a decent number of small drops, bumps into the wall, etc. Not broken yet, not even cracked. I recommend…

LisaG says:

Nice starter

Leigh Ann Shoemaker says:

Love it! Great purchase, will buy another one.

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