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30″ Kids Pink Electric Guitar with Amp & Much More Guitar Combo Accessory Kit


This guitar has an attractive pink finish. Not only will you receive a guitar, but you will receive a amp, cable cord, guitar strap and guitar picks. Your child will be playing his or her favorite tunes with practice and dedication.

FEATURES: Excellent quality; Specification: 30″; Solid hardwood body; Neck: Hardwood with truss rod; Finger board: rosewood; 22 Frets; Regulator: Volume X1

INCLUDES: 30″ electric guitar; 5 watt amp; Guitar cable cord; Guitar strap; Guitar picks

Product Features

  • Excellent Quality
  • Specification: 30″
  • Body: Hard wood
  • Neck: Hard wood with Truss Rod
  • Finger board: Rose wood

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lyzzymommy says:

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASE!!! The statement in the Product Description “You will receive everything necessary to play this guitar immediately,” is FALSE!!!The guitar is good and so is the amp but there are several things you need to know before you choose to buy this.The guitar is very nice but please keep in mind it is a cheap guitar. Getting it tuned perfectly is impossible but you can get close. It also does not stay tuned for long. If you really care about having it well tuned, at all times this…

W. K. Macallister says:

First Guitar I bought this guitar for my 4 year old granddaughter, Emma, and decided it was a bit too much for her to handle. However, it’s what she wanted more than anything else for her birthday and it’s something she can grow into with the passion she demonstrates to learn how to play it. We’ll see. One thing I know, it was a heck of a buy when compared to other starting instruments made for children. I also ordered a starting music book for guitar from Amazon which her mother is using to teach her self…

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